Introduction to Israel, Islam, and Social Justice

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A New Course Design

Fall classes will incorporate our new, highly interactive course design. The biggest change in our course design is the direct teaching from the instructor. Each course will have a dedicated IHOPU Online instructor who will guide you through the course materials in a user-friendly learning environment. Additionally, you will have direct access to your instructor through discussion threads, online office hours, live class sessions for one hour each week, and quality feedback on coursework. Students will also be able to interact directly with one another through discussion threads, virtual small group assignment, and praying for each other as we form a strong spiritual community together.

Each course will continue for five weeks. By taking two courses at the same time straight through, you will be able to complete your entire First or Second Semester Certificate in 10 weeks! Credit courses include homework that generally takes 12-15 hours a week with an additional 8 hours of prayer requirements. Spiritual enrichment courses (i.e. audit) allow you to join with the credit students and give you the flexibility of completing the homework or not, but not for a grade.

First Semester Certificate Courses (classes start January 18, 2016):

  1. Foundations: Jesus' Glorious Return with Samuel Clough (Jan. 18 - Feb. 19)
  2. Foundations: Intimacy with Jesus with Jennifer Alexander, MDiv (Jan. 18 - Feb. 19)
  3. Foundations: Growing in Prayer with LaTeisha Carroll, MDiv (Feb. 22 - Mar. 25)
  4. Foundations: Forerunner Ministry with Jon Boegl, MDiv (Feb. 22 - Mar. 25)


Second Semester Certificate Courses: For more information, click here

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Introduction to Israel, Islam, and Social Justice
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